Susan Schenk, collage artist
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Art is an invitation to see beyond the apparent. From a distance, my collages appear to be paintings. Up close, they are complicated jumbles of disparate parts. These collages are similar to our own lives; appealing when viewed from afar but somewhat fractured when inspected more intimately.

My use of discarded materials as paint fosters the idea of finding beauty in the overlooked. I find treasures hidden in the trash. By using recycled magazines, maps and other ephemera, I leave a small carbon footprint and more importantly, carve out a trail of enjoyment for others.

I’m appropriating images and putting them together in intriguing ways, exploring subjects with no political agenda other than to create joy.

One goal is to take on the challenge of rendering realistic images using unconventional materials. My more laudable intention is to evoke a smile in the viewer who is compelled to look more closely at my pieces. When my work evokes a smile, I deem it a success.