Susan Schenk, collage artist
Swainson's Thrush NestRed Winged BlackbirdAppalachian BirdAzores BirdNest of the Green HeronNurture NestFargo Eggs in a NestYou Are What You EatWorms for BreakfastJankowski's Bunting NestMauritania BirdNight FlightPiliated WoodpeckerCrows and PeepsRuby Crowned KingletNuthatchJay BirdHoitzenTufted TitmouseWhite Crowned Sparrow with BerriesCedar Waxwing with Orange BerriesBlue Mama and ChickBlue Heron on Mt. Hood mapBlue BirdRed Breasted NuthatchIndigo BuntingBlack Bird on a Red BranchKing of FishersFire and Ice PyhrruloxiaCedar WaxwingNightengale NestGreen Heron NestRobin's NestNest 2
Collage Birds and Nests
Susan Schenk's lively bird images done in collage.