Susan Schenk, collage artist
Florida PantherLucy Visits the Big AppleDid Someone Say Walk?SlyRudy the Ruddy AbyssianFreundSheila the Adventure HoundBailey IIBernie Was All Over the MapLeanersHiding OutSpike and Ike are Official GreetersDonovan and FriendBig Earred AbySpuds Has Deep ThoughtsShilo Can Read Your ThoughtsYou Bet Your Pretty FaceBird DogsBruno Smiled for his Therapy Dog ID PhotoSparky is Wary of StrangersIt's Too Hot for Butchie at the Farmers marketConrad was Sensitive about his Small EarsDuke Dreams of Running WildReachBombaysBusterSnowcatBig FootHere Kitty!Red FoxWild HareIconic Hare
Collage Pets and Other Animals
A charming collection of collaged dogs, cats, hares and other animals that might be pets for very brave children.